Released at: November 8, 2018 by Dwayne Powers
A friend/ex-coworker has one of the hottest girlfriends I've ever met. After many discussions about it, I finally convinced my friend to let his girlfriend model for my photography portfolio. After the photoshoot I convinced her to let me make a video of her feet with a small interview. She was so shy and innocent because she's never done anything like this before. She goes on about how her boyfriend would be so mad if we did anything, and how she would never touch a black man. Before she left, I tried something weird! I ran to the backroom, turned on the camera, and took out my black dick just to at least get a video of her walking in on me. It took awhile but I talked her into walking over and touching my black cock for a few seconds. After feeling those soft fingers on my throbbing hard dick, I had to feel her tight lips around the head of my shaft. After convincing her to just touch it with her lips, she was so turned on by how big it was, so she started to suck it the only way she knew how. She really has not had any previous experience, especially not with a black man. I flipped that amazing body over and slowly pushed my dick into those tight pussy walls. It took some push to open it up, but when I did, I pounded it in various positions until I came all over those feet! When she got home, her boyfriend found out and was so jealous!

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