All About Hollie

Released at: June 14, 2008 by Lakeview Entertainment
Watch Mistress Hollie use marco for 44 minutes of self centered play during which She has a couple of big orgasms as the face dildo on the slave is buried in Her pussy hole. Lots of nipple play, breast worship and silky smooth nylon foot play on the lowly male's cock and balls. POV below Mistress Hollie as you worship Her body and lie at the bottom of Her high heels. Her submissive marco finds himself with a bit of dizzying breath play as Mistress Hollie perches on his stomach. She commands him to worship Her stockings and legs and then puts him over Her knees for an ass slapping. After a bit of slapping, Mistress Hollie paddles slave marco and then puts him below Her where She can inflict his nipples and cock with Her high heels. Noticing his nipples are extremely sensitive, She zeros in for some play. Between his legs now, She tests his endurance to Her kicks. Looking down at Her loyal submissive, She spits into his mouth. Mistress Hollie ties marco's hands behind him with pantyhose and positions him for some nipple play on his knees. She attahes the clamps and slaps them hard to make him yelp. Strapping a face dildo onto marco's face, Mistress Hollie uses his face for a thrilling face fuck and climactic ending. He can only smell Her with his face buried in Her wet pussy. Having climaxed, Mistress Hollie was in a mean mood and applied Her heels to marco's nipples. She removed Her shoes and Her stocking feet caressed the loyal submissive. She jerked his cock hard with Her feet. Her feet roam up and down his body and face as the camera stays below Her. Before he can come, he must be face fucked beneath Her ass again.

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