Alpha Dykes - Nikki And Ariel

Released at: July 31, 2011 by
It's time for some more kinky fun with another installment of Alpha Dykes. In this film, Nikki and Ariel play with female domination and submission and spanking. Mistress spanks her slave until her ass is bright red and her pussy is soaking wet from the punishment. Since she was so good at taking her spanking, the slave girl gets fucked with a vibrator, saying "Thank you, Mistress" for the pleasure. After more humiliation, bondage, clothespin tease on her nipples and pussy lips, the slave is finally rewarded. First she gets a taste of her Mistress' pussy when she sits on her face. She struggles to get more as her Mistress teases her with face sitting and then pulling away. Finally, the slave straps on a dildo and fucks her Mistress until she is satisfied, saying "You're the best little fuck slut I've ever had!"

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Nikki, Ariel