American Discipline Series - Doctor's Orders

Released at: December 22, 2011 by California Star Productions
Mrs. Johnson has sent Miss Jones to see her favorite therapist, Dr. Hopkins. He specializes in sexual fantasies, and we find that our beautiful young lady has recurring desires to be spanked! Dr. Hopkins is most eager to please. First, the hand on her bottom begins to turn it bright red. This is in turn followed by the hard pounding of solid wooden paddles. She is then asked to see Dr. Miller, a female therapist well versed in the use of the cane! Her soft skin turns ever more red, as the swift strokes of the cane find their target. Miss Jones' pleasure has seemed to heighten, so we know that this patient will return for a new session. And, in the meantime, we find that Mrs. Johnson has taken a quick therapy session herself with Dr. Hopkins. These doctors have all the fun.

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