Babes With Babes

Released at: April 12, 2012 by Juicy Plum
Get ready to watch some of the hottest girls on the web. Four lesbian scenes with one solo masturbating scene. Nothing but lust, passion and hot girl-on-girl action with these babes. Erotic kisses and pure pussy licking satisfaction, the act of caressing one another's breasts, licking that hot ass and fingering that wet pink pussy turns them on incredibly. Madison uses a dildo as she plays with her shaved pussy outside in the yard. The last scene is an unexpected threesome.

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Scene1: 00:00:14 - 00:20:08 (19:54)

Scene2: 00:20:09 - 00:35:13 (15:04)

Scene3: 00:35:14 - 01:00:24 (25:10)

Scene4: 01:00:25 - 01:12:08 (11:43)



Scene5: 01:12:09 - 01:19:37 (7:28)