Best Of Spanking Big E Volume 4

Released at: February 13, 2013 by California Star Productions
Spanking Big E #4 combines four of their classic scenes into one sensational spanking film. Mistress Erzebet has had it up to "here" with Gia Paloma and she is going to give her a lesson! Master Liam will have order in his house in scene two starring Lystra and Arachnis Webb who have been very disobedient. Scene four gives us a taste of what happens to housewives who've gone astray and to finish... A striking Scene where Sir Nik treats Anne to a thorough spanking and a little hydrotherapy... Her lovely ass doesn't take long to turn as red as the dungeon walls!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:16:47 (16:46)

Scene2: 00:16:48 - 00:34:11 (17:23)

Scene3: 00:34:12 - 00:41:27 (7:15)

Scene4: 00:41:28 - 01:00:35 (19:07)


Anne, Sir Nik