Breast Worx Volume 7

Released at: September 27, 2008 by LBO
Do you like boobs a lot? Well there they are - mound a-plenty! Huge, full, pendulous REAL melons up close and in your face! Scene one of Volume 7 features the ample talents of the voluptuous Miss Andrea Hart, a dirty blonde natural bombshell with the emphasis on dirty! Starring with Andrea is Dan Slavin a relative new-cummer to the biz with all hands-on-experience necessary to make it with the biggies. Scene two stars Monique Goff and Liz Murphy entwined in a round or two of global whore-fare of epic proportions! To wrap up Volume 7 of his acclaimed Breast Worx Series, Mr. Hollander saved for your pleasure the infamous Helen Bed in a solo exhibition featuring her triple F companions unleashed in all their glory from their black leather studded constraints.

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Scene2: 00:22:38 - 00:40:32 (17:54)

Scene3: 00:40:33 - 01:15:04 (34:31)


Helen Bed