Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant

Released at: May 20, 2008 by Adam & Eve
2009 AVN Award Nominee for Best Director - Feature, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Editing, Best Special Effects Plus Best Video Feature Deluxe 2-Disc Set Shot in High Definition. Adam & Eve Contract Stars Ava Rose and Bree Olson headline this parody of Indiana Jones series. Carolina Jones, daughter of Indy Jones, meets a naive country girl Dixie in a set of bizarre circumstances. Reluctantly, Carolina allows Dixie to tag along as they venture to find the lost Arc of the Covenant. Their explorations eventually lead them to the Middle East where they come face to face with the Arc and Clause Conrad, the man who plans to use its powers to control the world. All ends well when Indy comes to their rescue. Shot entirely on location in Budapest and Hungary, this is a must-have film with gorgeous girls and gorgeous scenery! **Behind the Scenes Music Video, Bloopers and 7 extra bonus scenes included!**

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