Cecil Howard's Platinum Paradise (French)

Released at: April 29, 2012 by Command Cinema
****Recommended For Rental**** Set amongst the backdrop of New York in 1980, Platinum Paradise is a snapshot of a typical day for the Paradise out call service. It starts in the morning with a exhausting encounter for stud Eric Edwards and a wonderful lesbian romp for call girl Samantha Fox . Along the way we are treated to the various perversions of the staff and clients of the out call service. It all leads up to the final scene featuring the beautiful but inept secretary, played by Kandi Barbour, showing that her real talents are being wasted as a secretary. Cecil Howard is at his innovative best with this film. He intertwines his characters masterfully to build the sexual tension exemplified in the scenee where the married couple has phone sex while being pleasured by seperate lovers. One of the most uniquely erotic scenes is between Eric Edwards and Vanessa Del Rio, where Del Rio is able to coax an orgasm from Edwards just by talking to his cock. It is this type of creativity that earned him the title Grandmaster of Erotic Filmmaking. Believable performances and subplots meshed with sensational sex scenes keep the viewer intrigued while moving the story along to a logical but gratifying conclusion. High Society called it a "dazzling tribute to America Sexuality." Thirty years after its release, it is still a provocative and relevant film of which Mr. Howard says: **"Of my two similar award winning movies, I believe Platinum Paradise is better than Babylon Pink"** **Original Liner Notes:** Platinum Paradise is one of the slickest,most polished and proffessional productions in years. It is a stylized vignette film that catalogues a typical day at a sex out-call service named "Paradise" and the events surrounding customers and sex staffers. The cast is chock-full of attractive, big-name performers and the sex scenes are exceptionally hot. When you combine great sex footage with top-notch production values, realistic dialogue, efficient editing and infectious music you have what a sex film is meant to be. The best sequence of the film is the misunderstanding between Eric and Vanessa both of whom, unknown to each other, are professionals. As each tries harder to please the "customer" both reach erotic highs. Other first rate scenes are the torrid lesbian number with Samantha and Merle, the ballet deflowering of Hillary by Bobby Astyr and Kandi Barbour as an inept, awkward secretary trying to play hooker. There is even an internal scene with Eric and Linda Vale. Platinum Paradise could well go down as Cecil Howard's signature film. It is miles above standard.     **-Jim Holliday from "The Top X-Rated Films of All Time"**

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