Claudia Rossi's More Real Orgasms

Released at: May 29, 2013 by Femorg
Claudia Rossi is quite simply too good to let pass! And she's even more sultry - and slow - and teasing in this second movie than ever before. She is an absolutely beautiful and beguiling brunette with a very pretty pussy. And she is one of our most popular, best loved, babes of all time. It is not a surprise at all - Claudia has very strong (yep!, she's a snapper ...) clear and perfectly visible orgasms! Her orgasm movies are ones to stock-up on as they belong in every connoisseurs collection. The first scene of Claudia Rossi's More Real Orgasms opens with Claudia lying on the bed wearing a short jean skirt, a yellow tank-top, tennis shoes, a big belt and white panties. She already has HUGE wet spot in her panties as she starts by playing with her breasts and nipples (and there isn't a bra beneath that tank top!). Claudia pulls down the tank top, fanning her hair across the bed and enjoying her nipples. Then she dips her hand down to her panties - her crotch really is quite wet! - and rubs and fingers her pussy before lifting her legs and removing her panties completely, still leaving on her tennis shoes! She places her wet panties between her legs for a rub and then places them in her mouth to bite them before discarding them beside her on the bed. She moistens her fingers and rubs her pussy and clitoris. She rubs around and around on her clitoris - very slowly at first, then harder and faster. After a few minutes, Claudia starts playing with a g-spot stimulator vibe. She inserts the toy into her pussy, rocking up and down on it. Then, she turns it on and pushes it in and out of her pussy - sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. She keeps the toy inside of her, then moistens her fingers and rubs her clitoris. Claudia removes the vibe from her pussy, then uses it to vibe her clitoris. Claudia continues using the toy on her clitoris and spreads her legs a bit wider apart. She starts to breathe heavily, rocking her hips up and down and just when I think she is going to cum (she may have had a mini one, I'm not really sure), she takes the toy off her clitoris and inserts into her pussy instead. Claudia licks her fingers and rubs her pussy, then puts the toy back between her legs, stimulating her clitoris. Panting and rocking her hips up and down on the toy, Claudia has an orgasm with pulsing and visible contractions. Claudia continues to use the vibe, sort of on the side of clitoris and I think she may even manage to have one more mini-orgasm. She pants and breathes heavily and her clitoris is sensitive to touch after that one, too. Claudia sits up and pulls her clothes back on, blowing a little kiss to the camera. Claudia masturbating in the bedroom once more ... This time, she's wearing black with red trim lingerie with matching black panties. Claudia pulls the crotch of her panties between her pussy lips, then pulls the top down to stimulate and enjoy her nipples. Claudia lightly pulls on her nipples and tweaks them between her fingers. Then, Claudia just has to take off her panties to play with and stroke her pussy and clitoris. She inserts two fingers into her pussy and fingers herself a bit. Claudia likes to cum with toys though, so she reaches for a black vibe and inserts that deep into her pussy. I like the way her nipples get hard and react to the sensations. It doesn't take long at all and with the tip of the toy buzzing directly on her clitoris, Claudia cums hard ... And even when she pulls away the toy and presses on her clitoris with her hand, her contractions are still strong and visible! And her nipples are standing at attention; quite perky. Claudia gently rubs her pussy and then pulls on her panties. She sits up on the bed and pulls up her top, then stands up to walk out of the room. Claudia is outside lying on her back on a table, and wearing black high heels and a black and red print dress. There's some music playing in the background. Claudia hikes her skirt up, so we can catch a glimpse of a pair of very sexy panties. Claudia pulls her top down, exposing her beautiful breasts and plays with her pussy through her panties. Then, she removes her panties and rubs her pussy with her hand and fingers. Claudia gets herself pretty worked up with her hand massage and then reaches for a little pocket rocket. I can't help but notice that her nipples respond immediately! Claudia pulls herself up at her shoulders so that her head is lifted as she continues to really enjoy the little pocket rocket. Claudia begins to twitch and shake just as the orgasmic contractions happen, too. It's another really nice, really visible, pussy pulsing orgasm. For the final scene, Miss Rossi has moved back into the bedroom and she is teasing and playing for us, once more, in a very sexy, pink colored, nightie with matching panties. She pulls down the top of the nightie, exposing her breasts and lifts the bottom so we catch a glimpse of her pussy through the pretty panties. After a little rubbing her panties are removed. Then, the long red vibe comes out and is used on her clitoris and inserted into her pussy. Once Claudia gets going with the vibe, it really doesn't take her very long at all. She works the toy in small tight circles on her clitoris, begins to pant and breathe a bit heavily, rocks her hips up, then pulls the toy away - prolonging the niceties! The toy goes back on her clitoris, she starts to quiver and shake once more, then she lets out a big deep breath and her pussy contractions take a hold. Claudia savors the orgasm for a few moments and then pulls her top up, blowing a little kiss to the camera.

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