Double Lactation

Released at: January 10, 2011 by 97% Amateurs
Kore tries on another bra that is all too small. Tinkerbell feels the weight of these two monsters. Tinkerbells bra comes off & we compare boobs side by side. At 3:14 a milk war erupts. Tinkerbell may have smaller boobs, but I think she is winning this war... What do you think? Squirting & dripping all the way to the end. A view from above with more squirting. Boob to boob squirting each other. Lifting & dropping boobs. Kore flat on her back & Tinkerbell with her head in her lap. A nice little boob massage ensues. May be the first time she has played with another female's breasts. Milk drinking by Kore with an occasional squirt from her own breasts.... That is the whole scene from beginning to end. The milk drinking continues with a different camera angle. Tinkerbell squirts milk into Kore's mouth. And we can see her drool most of it out. Tinkerbell flat on her back with Kore's boobs hanging over her. Kore squirts onto Tinkerbell's boobs. Super nipple to nipple action. Licks milk off Tinkerbell's chest at the end. With a couple of video cameras running we captured a lot of different angles of various scenes. This is a compilation of various slow motion sequences & 2nd camera footage. A different view of the MILK WAR. More of a close-up view. More of a tit on tit view if you would. More of the milk drinking form a different angle. Kore above Tinkerbelll with her boobs hanging onto Tinkerbell's. Bending over side by side double wiggle & swing. More boob interactions. Kore swings her boobs over the back of Tinkerbell. We see the "Boob Muff" pose. Another twirling scene... They both wave good-bye. Soundtrack from our Royalty Free Music library.

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