Fuck Rooms Volume 1

Released at: August 21, 2008 by Tranent
**Overtime Blowjob** Finally the hard job day is going to end and Alex needs some distraction. So he calls his young and candid trainee Linda to let her participate in a big business that he has between the hands. **Techno Fuck** Vic tor is retired in the prive of the disc to to have some rest from the loud music. When he sit on the sofa, a beautiful stranger show up and watch him deeply. This is an exciting and risky situation, because anyone can be caught. But when she smokes in front of his face, he understands it is impossible to resist that girl... **The Lovers** The privacy of home, a chess game wakes up the two lovers hidden appetite with a turmoil of passion. Gregory shows Geny how to go too far with a sweet perversion of two very desirous lovers. A passionate movie to be enjoyed all in one. **Loving Room** This escort is not just so bad, is thinking Szabby, while he eats Candy with the eyes. The sofa is making it harden and when Candy understands it, she goes to see all the great view. And she licks his dick! Szabby then puts it on the sofa to doggy position and fuck in the ass until making to enjoy it more strongly the pleasures. **Cum In My Bathtub** A personal gigolo seems to be not too bad, as the one that Stefany has. Totty know how to do his job and he touches on every sensible point. Stefany wants also try his dick in her ass, how not to satisfy this desire with the great asshole that Stefani has? With his shove, she becomes wet and wet and just wait Totti comes on her face!

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