Girlfriend Boyfriend Swap

Released at: April 4, 2013 by Dane Jones
Girlfriend Boyfriend Swap presents two young couples sharing with each other, being free, and expressing their physical desires. They are driven by pure undiluted lust. Martin takes Richard's girl in his arms, and their impulses take over and they intertwine. It's magical to watch their feelings take over as flesh is explored- him inside her, her enveloping him. Richard watches as his girl loses herself in the moment. He's got a big grin the whole time because he gets to enjoy Emma, Martin's girl. For this precious moment she is his to enjoy physically. Emma is excitable; the thought of this new man's cock inside her makes her wet with anticipation. Prepare yourself for fun, beautiful passion with two horny couples.

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Niki, Steve Q

Scene2: 00:14:12 - 00:27:02 (12:50)