Hard Days At The Orifice

Released at: August 11, 2007 by Your Choice Productions
Karl's big, black dick is the first to sample the joys of model girl Amy's greedy mouth and silky smooth cunt. They fuck in the bedroom, down the stairs and into the lounge, where Amy latches onto Terry's todger as Karl's giving her a poke up the bum. Determined to make her porno debut a scorcher, she takes them front and rear, ending up with her face and tiny titties covered in spunk. Hot, hot, hot! Jirina introduces herself to Karl by way of a gobble on a train. Meeting Steve at Charing Cross they take a taxi, giving our girl the chance to give Steve a lick and a promise too. Back at the gaff, the horny young lovely's small, long nippled tits and meaty pussy are first on the menu. For dessert, the boys opt for generous helpings of the old chocolate pudd. As Terry watches Karl's Czech holiday fuck video featuring Dona, Karianna struts her stuff. A chatty little number, her banters halted with a mouthful of cock. A wet, sloppy blowjob leads to a masterly performance from our hero and a facial for the girl. In Terry's very own words, Watch her facial expressions. We've got a live one here. 'Nuff said Tel. Terry has a special delivery for Lucy, stud Jazz, and Lucy's got a special delivery of her own, nicely packaged in foxy lingerie. She leads Jazz into the conference room by his big, hard pecker and the humping begins. Threes fun, but fours better, and when pretty blonde receptionist Summer adds her luscious charms to the fray, an extra special delivery of spunk is guaranteed, right in the girls eyes. When Terry introduces his studs to Faye and Sandie its straight in with no messing, and the poor old sofa starts taking a pounding. They should have drawn the curtains though, because an uptight neighbor calls the cops. Justice seen to be done, they draw the shades and continue with their lecherous suburban fuckery and buggery. If there was a cumshot of the year award, the boys would be strong contenders.

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