Headmaster's Wasp

Released at: August 27, 2008 by Bottom Line
The teacher, Amelia Grimshaw, waits impatiently as the two girls, Ruth Bottomley and Hilary Smythe, arrive an hour late for an interrogation over exam cheating. Both girls are given an over-the-knee spanking for being late. As Smythe removes her knickers it is revealed that the cheating information paper has been concealed therein. There then follows a repeat of some exam questions that both girls cannot now manage to get correct; they are duly each paddled during this testing. Miss Grimshaw now decides to find out which of the girls initiated the cheating whilst administering a good strapping; this produces no result except a disagreement between the girls. Finally, each girl is given 18 strokes of the cane, six over the teacher's desk, six over a school desk and six in the touching toes position before they are dismissed. The following day we see the headmaster in telephone conversation with an irate Mrs. Bottomley, complaining about her daughter's punishment. There is no record in the punishment book and he is the only member of staff authorised to give corporal punishment! After ascertaining that Miss Grimshaw has used unauthorised implements the headmaster decides she must be given notice. She counters this by suggesting she will accept the same punishment as the girls if she is not dismissed. The headmaster finally agrees to this and Miss Grimshaw is duly spanked, paddled, strapped and caned in exactly the same way as the girls. Finally, the two girls are sent to the headmaster in order that he may administer six strokes of the cane to each to justify a proper entry in the punishment book.

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