Jerky Girls Vol. 51 - Jerky Girl Confessions

Released at: November 15, 2011 by Jerky Girls
**Brianna's Confessions **: In stunning high definition you can see the wonderful Brianna perform her FIRST ever on screen jerk! After sharing some of her high school "Jerky" confessions with us Brianna shows us what she does best jerking off boys! You absolutely must hear Brianna tell the story about what all her girlfriends did to all their boyfriends on prom night! It'll rock your world! Then Brianna jerks off a boy and she is startled by what she does to him! He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming in Brianna's little hand. She couldn't help but laugh "Did you see what I did to this guy!?" **Confessions Of A Mean Girl **: Hey boys you might want to wear a "protective cup" when you watch this one! Harley is a mean girl that has a history of being mean to boys - specifically, boy's balls! She confesses some of her more memorable ball-hurting incidences to us. After she confesses she agrees to let us watch, as she administers a compelled milking to this boy. Harley makes his cock erect then keeps twisting his nipples and his balls to remind him that she is a mean girl! When Harley senses that the stupid boy is going to ejaculate despite her cruelness she squeezes his shaft tightly to prevent his seed from emerging. The boy is helpless and excruciating as Harley grabs his penis tightly until finally she relaxes her grip and cumblasts shoot from his cock! **Freshman Confessions **: its back to school time and college freshman, Kriselle, is enjoying her first week of school. Our Director, Nancy got Kriselle to open up to us and share some "confessions" of her jerky high school years! Kriselle is only 19, but she has some stories to tell that will curl your toes!!! Listen as Kriselle tells you about a "Jerky" air-plane ride that she and an old boyfriend took and find out what she did to a boy in Her Science Class!! After She Rocks your World with Her hand job confessions Kriselle lets us watch as she makes a boy squirt while smothering his mouth. "Boys Don't Talk" Kriselle says as She Jerks a big load of boy goo! Yes guys, we know Kriselle is FUCKING CUTE! **Handjob Confessions **: 18 Year Old Heather is very shy .but our Director Nancy gets Heather to open up about her adventures in Jerking-Off boys, during this revealing interview and then the young Cock-Jerker gives us a treat. She Milks a boy for us! Heather confesses all about her high school days where she Jerked-Off a boy for the first time. The most unusual place she jerked off a boy and more as she "cums clean" about her love for Squirting boy goo. Heather makes this boy cum and cum and cum as the 18 Year old Princess just keeps beating it out of him! **Kelly's Confessions **: Kelly is 21 Year Old College Freshmen from Oklahoma! This is Her Very First Time Masturbating a boy on camera and we are lucky enough to have Kelly share Her "CONFESSIONS" with us!!! Kelly tells us all about her cock-jerking history and she "cums clean" with some true life CONFESSIONS that will knock your socks off! We won't give away too much but you will be SHOCKED & ASTOUNDED at two of the stories Kelly tells about jerk offs she has performed in the past that she is not proud of. If Kelly's Sister is seeing this, Kelly asked us to apologize profusely on her behalf. When you watch the scene you'll know why. **Rene's Confessions **: Rene shares Her Hand job Confessions with us and a couple of them will Blow your Mind!! We won't give them away. After she "cums clean" Rene agrees to let us watch as she does what she does best; jerk-off a boy! Little Rene, as it turns out is a little "too good" at jerking off boys and she makes a real mess with this boy's sperm! Rene's Jerking is so effective that she squirts the boy in his face and then proceeds to soak herself! The two of them end up covered in cum. What can we say? Rene JERKS GOOD! **Renna's Confessions **: Get ready boys! You will be stunned and amazed at the candid CONFESSIONS of this strikingly beautiful Jerky Girl! Renna will share stories of her cock-jerking past including a bus trip that you MUST hear about as well as her "Babysitting" career and more. After making your jaws drop with Her CONFESSIONS Renna lets us watch as she jerks off a boy and DOES SHE EVER! This boy squirts boy goo EVERYWHERE! Renna laughs hysterically at what she does to this boy. You DON'T want to miss this one guys. **Taylor's Confessions **: The beautiful Taylor shares her intimate secrets of her cock jerking past. Taylor also makes some confessions about her cock jerking past that will CURL YOUR TOES! Did you know that Taylor was a Nerd in High School and all the boys used to pick on her and tease her? Find out what Taylor did in Grade 12 to make the boys stop picking on her! Taylor then lets us watch, as she Jerks-Off a boy in front of us. "Sometimes it's the smart girls that grow up to be the best cock-jerkers" she says.

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