Lesbian Chronicles Volume 16-17

Released at: December 19, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Blackmailed Rachel had a tiny secret. She had been having sexual affairs with younger women. She had hidden it for a year until Kelsie came home early and saw her through the French doors. Kelsie watched in horror at first but could not pull herself away. She played with her pussy as she watched the MILF and young woman go at it. She waited until the next day to bring it up. Rachel came home late, Kelsey told her she saw her doing it. Rachel freaked out. Kelsie told her she wanted her to do that to her as well. Rachel refused, but Kelsie threatened to tell Rachel's husband. She pleaded, and Kelsie loved to see her squirm. She had her right where she wanted her. Kelsie told her she wanted a strip tease and told her to put on music. Rachel could not believe Kelsie was really going to make her strip. Rachel stripped off her dress and the rest one piece at a time, grinding on Kelsie's lap and rubbing her tits on her face. Both of them were getting more excited. Kelsie ordered Rachel into the bedroom. They both wanted it now. Rachel gave her just what she wanted and made her cum hard all over her face. Now they were both satisfied. Scene 2 - Confessions Rachel, a woman in her 40s, was in her sexual prime, but her husband wasn't giving her any sex. She began to search other avenues exploring her sexual desires. She went to a private club and began to have sexual encounters with other woman. Rachel found the sex to be gratifying and uninhibited. She came to terms that this was what she wanted. One night while Kate slept, Rachel snuck out to the club. Kate waited up until Rachel snuck in dressed provocatively. Kate questioned her, so Rachel kissed her trying to calm her. Kate smelled pussy all over the MILF. Kate was furious and confronted her. Rachel tried to deny it but Kate knew the smell. Rachel confessed her secret affairs with women. Kate asked Rachel about her experiences. Rachel began to tell her. Kate too had always fantasized about being with another female. As they talked more, Kate began to look at the MILF and imagine her sexually. Kate felt herself getting wet. She moved closer and kissed Rachel. Still horny from her night, she gave in. They took turns pleasuring each other until orgasm. Kate loved the way the MILF tasted and came just licking and fingering her. Rachel took over Kate's body and made her cum hard. Rachel licked up all the younger woman's cum. They collapsed in each other's arms and held each other. Now their secrets were out.

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