Massage Rooms Presents - George On Samantha

Released at: July 31, 2013 by Massage Rooms Clips
As he oils her down and rubs her firm, curvaceous and tight body from top to toe her gentle moans and groans are enough encouragement for him to lightly cup her pussy as he continues to knead her plump, juicy behind. Her body is slick perfection under the gentle lighting of the spa and George can hardly hold back as his soothing strokes power her erotic movements of blissful contentment. Her pussy feels so good to the touch, he glides his fingertips over her again and again just to feel how her warm, inviting vagina moistens over him. His fingers take her to her first wild orgasm as she grasps her breasts in a flurry of excitement as what is next to come, she is so desperate to feel his cock inside her, filling her in a way she needs it most. He turns her on her back and gives her slick opening a generous lick before watching her fuck back on him, finishing by slowly pounding her into an orgasm of his own.

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