Massage Tickler

Released at: December 17, 2011 by TicklingParadise
Massage tickler is all ALL NUDE, FULL BODY tickling video with all new, beautiful, ticklish girls. It is primarily all F/F tickling! Olivia is late for her massage appointment and rushes in demanding her full hour massage. Renee, her massage therapist is taken aback at how rude Olivia is. Olivia is beautiful, olive skinned with dark hair and eyes and a gorgeous, voluptuous body but her attitude stinks! She thinks that just because she is a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys that she can do as she pleases, well Renee has news for her! Olivia strips naked and lies on the table. Renee starts rubbing her body with baby oil and all Olivia can do is complain! Renee rubs Olivia's back but when her fingers run over Olivia's side, Olivia says "Not so light, I don't like a light touch!" So Renee starts massaging Olivia's feet and Olivia nearly jumps out of her skin "Don't touch my feet! I don't like my feet touched!" She says. Renee explains that foot massage is the best part of any massage but Olivia refuses to let Renee near her bare feet. With that, Renee knows what must be done but doesn't say a word. Renee turns on some soft music and finally Olivia falls asleep. While asleep Renee binds Olivia's ankles and wrists to the massage table. Olivia is face down and Renee has access to the soles of her bare feet, the sensitive back of her thighs and knees. Renee wakes up Olivia by running her nails down the girl's bare soles. Olivia is angry and surprised and demands to be let go but Renee says not until she apologizes for her bad behavior. Olivia laughs and states that she will NEVER apologize! The fun begins....Renee starts tickling Olivia's bare soles asking if the reason she doesn't like them touched is because she is ticklish. Olivia tries to hold back her laughter and deny it (I love when ticklish girls try to hide it) but her laughter breaks through, she can't help it. It tickles so much! Renee tickles her feet, the backs of her knees and her thighs making the naked cheerleader convulse and laugh desperately. Still, Olivia won't apologize! Renee feels it is time to call in some help! From out of nowhere, Gia, Kamiano and Machine appear. They turn her onto her back and cuff her again. Gia pours baby oil onto Olivia's armpits and trails it down her tummy. Then the gang tickling starts. Fingers everywhere, sliding over the slick oil, tickling like crazy in her armpits, tummy, belly button and ribs! Olivia is shaking with laughter and she gives a scream every time a finger slides into her belly button. Renee starts tickling her feet again and she can't escape the tickling hands, they are EVERYWHERE! Renee climbs up on the bed and straddles Olivia, paying special attention to Olivia's ticklish armpits! Finally, Olivia gives in (they always do!) and apologizes - but is that the end of her tickle tease? What do you think? Tabitha and Henna are real life bi girlfriends; they are kissing and making out in bed when Henna tells Tabitha about the S&M bondage table she bought. Tabitha is up to try anything and agrees to be tied down to the bed. Of course, Henna loses no time in getting her hands on her naked girlfriend's body! Watching Tabitha get tickled is like watching the first girl you ever tickled. She is very young looking and sweet with a slight Southern accent. She has the classic tickle reaction. She fights like a wildcat to get away, squirms frantically, begs and pleads like crazy (she won't cuss, only says: "Honest to God, don't tickle me!") and has the out of control giggles. The way Henna teases her girlfriend in this scene is incredible. Henna really tries to tease the poor little blond girl, poking fun at her the whole time! She tickles every inch of her helpless, naked body with her fingernails! Then she runs feathers all over her, making her shiver and even uses the feather on her privates - Tabitha has a very ticklish pussy which is tickled with feathers, fingers and ice! Finally, Henna teases Tabitha's whole body with ice. Let me tell you, the ice drives Tabitha absolutely insane! Henna uses it on her tummy, feet and pussy until Tabitha is screaming! Henna is taking pleasure in her poor blond girlfriend's ticklish agony and begins rubbing her pussy with one hand while tickling Tabitha with her other hand! Henna only lets Tabitha up after she agrees to worship her bare feet! Soon enough it is Tabitha's turn for revenge and she is ruthless! Not only does she tie Henna up, but she blindfolds her so she can't see where the attack is coming from. Tabitha mounts her friend and digs into her ribs, armpits, tummy and breasts with her fingers. Henna is ticklish too and laughs like crazy. Around her breasts is especially ticklish for her. Then Tabitha goes for Henna's size 10 1/2 feet! Tabitha licks and bites Henna's toes and Henna screams bloody murder when her toes are nibbled!! Tabitha uses ice to tease her girlfriend's feet and pussy and fingers to attack her ribs, armpits and tummy! All this tickling is turning Tabitha on and she begins to suck Henna's toes. Henna is so ticklish, she laughs even from being toe-sucked!

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