Melissa's Inside Straight

Released at: September 7, 2007 by After Hours Cinema (Adult)
****Recommended For Rental**** Duke seems more interested in playing poker with his pals than poking his pretty, nubile wife (played by Nancy Martin under the name Meg Peters). She talks him into a quickie on the waterbed and they perform the requisite acts from all the requisite angles. Cut to Duke's buddy Bob at a card table, complaining that their heedless host, James, is always late showing up to his own stag. Little does Bob realize that his wife's quivering quim is the cause of James's delinquency, the poker party being a diversion to lure Bob away from his unfaithful frau. Dropping by Bob's hacienda on the way to the game, Duke catches on to James and Alison's gambit; he gawks in shock through a living room window as his two-timing tablemate spatters paste all over the housewife's kisser. Being a sporting fellow, however, James has arranged for a bikini-clad bimbo to appear at the party and serve as a sexy shuffler in his place. Duke arrives just in time to convince Bob that the lady's nimble hands can manipulate more than cards and the two are soon getting their schlongs shuffled as well. Duke finally ups her ante and plunges in. After cashing in his chips on the dealer's felt, Duke then decides its time for James and Alison to join in on the fun. He calls James and tells him to pack up his poontang and bring it over to the rumpus room for an improvised orgy. What he does not realize, however, is that his own wife, Louise, has joined the couple's extra-marital ~~mishegas~~, having just completed a round of three-card stud on Bob's living room sofa. When James shows up with both wives in tow, the three men square off and settle down to a hand of winner-take-all. The victor - for no dramatically compelling reason - is Bob, who proceeds to service both the wives and the ditzy dealer in turn. The girls reciprocate by passing around his joint and the film ends when Bob's gland finally runs out of juice.

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