Miss Savana

Released at: May 20, 2008 by JohnnyNova
Here is a nice video featuring the lovely "Miss Savana" as she was spending a little time at the mall. In this scenario she is in a shoe store shopping for a sexy new pair of shoes for a big night out. She gets to try a few nice pair of shoes on: she is chatting on her cell phone while standing against the railing, looking over the other shoppers below. While standing there, she could not help slipping her tired achy stocking feet in & out of her high heels: she is also resting a little bit after having walked all over the mall in her high heels. When she sat down she had a chance to massage her tired achy stocking feet: she was also standing outside watching people & traffic go by. As she did so, she did a great job of slipping her stocking feet in & out of her high heels: she was also out running errands, she got a flat tire! She had to change it by herself using the spare from the trunk and her stocking feet for leverage to loosen those pesky bolts. Finally she gets the job done, all while wearing a nice dress, stockings and heels. whew! She was also sitting out at the cemetery 1 sunny afternoon. She was wearing a pair of shoes that was a bit uncomfortable, so she slipped them off to relax a little. The breeze going by could only be described as "friendly".

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