MM 391: Extreme Muscle

Released at: July 23, 2011 by Mass Muscle
Starring Christa Bauch - This video has to be seen to be believed. I have never seen Christa give such a harsh beating to a guy as she did in this video. Unbelievable scissors holds to Charli'es head leaves him completely semi-conscious throughout the entire video. She teases him with excruciating grapevines that just about broke him in half! Her body scissors bruised ribs as Charlie grueling headlocks are devastating and almost knocks Charlie out a few times. There is a clean and total knockout with Christa's infamous head scissors at the end. Charlie was out for two minutes. Christa loves to squeeze, it is a turn on for her, she enjoys flexing her muscles and feeling all the power coming from them as she squeezes.She can knock out an man in seconds. Her muscles are full and high peaked and 17 years of bodybuilding maturity leaves her body second to none! This video shows Christa at her muscular and awesome best!

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