MM475: House Guest

Released at: September 30, 2011 by Mass Muscle
Anita Ramsey, 1 month out from her bodybuilding show July 2008, is 5'4" rock hard with high peaked thick 17" biceps 16+ calves and 26" quad. First off I have to tell you that Frank, the man in this match. Has a fetish for being knocked out. who is better that Anita at being sadistic and wanting to knock guys out. We have a prefect match here for a perfect video, as well as devastating knock out head scissors and sleeper holds. Then some intense grapevine and smothering with Anita's powerhouse legs and rock hard upper body. All the knockouts you see here are 100% real nothing staged!! Anita is a power house with a sadistic nature and loves to knock men out. if you're a facesitting lover and scissor fanatic like to see muscular powerful woman like Anita knock a man out several times, then this video is yours!!

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