New York Under The Covers - Sex Stories

Released at: February 6, 2008 by Historic Erotica
From the hard-hitting streets of New York comes an all-new, fresh epic. Embark on a classic New York story. Their dirty minds are hard at work as the deep dark secrets of the New York Sex scene are revealed. Get in bed with the Hottest bodies in New York. New York Under the Covers: Sex Stories is an ongoing saga of sex pleasuring the players in the game. Randi Rider is your guide to sexual Bliss and deep pleasure. She takes us on a tour through a labyrinth of sexual encounters that one may only find behind closed doors deep within the New Your cityscape. It's Babylon 2002!

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Scene1: 00:01:11 - 00:16:45 (15:34)

Scene2: 00:16:46 - 00:19:49 (3:03)

Scene3: 00:19:50 - 00:28:08 (8:18)

Scene4: 00:28:09 - 00:45:48 (17:39)

Scene5: 00:45:49 - 00:50:49 (5:00)

Scene6: 00:50:50 - 01:14:54 (24:04)