Nineteen Video Magazine Volume 15

Released at: June 20, 2007 by Dane Productions
Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis! A young man just can't seem to get bikini clad women out of his mind. **Dear Diary**; a young girl alone at a friend's house with her friend's father. **South of the Border**; there's an aphrodisiac that they sell in Mexico... **College Girl**; there's always one way a pretty girl can get through classes without studying. ** Don Carlo's Way**; what's a crime boss supposed to do when his own family isn't paying its debts? **Party Girl**; after a party the hosts find they've got one guest that just won't leave till she's had one or two more things.

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Katie Gold

Scene2: 00:19:02 - 00:33:13 (14:11)

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