Orgasmic Symphony

Released at: January 29, 2014 by Society SM
Cherie Deville & Kymberly Jane & Ogre These two sexy nymphs are having a grand ol' time...rubbing, touching, grinding and suckling for our cameras. It's party time for these damsels...The party takes a sharp turn though when these fine assed, buxom babes are shackled and restrained to their respective Cumbots and the machines are kicked into high gear. Now they do a dance to a different drummer, and the song they sing is a wailing duet as they are pounded into submissive orgasm and beyond. Take two amazingly hot damsels, add a dungeon of debauchery and a dash of Ogre and what you get is a bondage fantasy feast for the senses...Cherie and Kymberly twist and turn as they are hoisted from the rafters and swing to and fro. Then, they are tied side by side, legs high and wide and are both stuffed deeply while being vibed simultaneously. Things really reach a fever pitch when they are both pushed to their orgasmic thresholds and beyond.. These two buxom babes are in quite the tight spot as Ogre has them stocked atop each other with Cherie's nipples tied off to Kymberly's toes while Kymberly's nipples are soundly tied of to Cherie's fingers. As they wail, Ogre reminds them that it's only just begun and then he lubes up the rubber dong and buries it in Cherie's pussy. Kymberly shall not feel neglected either as her cunt is filled with the Samurai which sends jolts of electricity coursing through her snatch. As their shrieks fill the air, they are dependent on one another to hold fast. But Ogre has other dastardly ideas in mind as he breaks out the vibe...and then the whip.

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