Paradise Sex: Mykonos Island

Released at: April 13, 2007 by DORCEL (English)
A cruise on the Greek waters with some girls who would do anything to share the forbidden pleasures of sex with a bunch of handsome and determined young men. From Athens to Mykonos Island, aboard a vessel, in luxurious hotels or in other beautiful surroundings, the couples are extremely hot and the threesomes are legendary. The name of the game: Absolute Pleasure. A quest for extreme delights. Under eager tongues, male poles of pleasure shoot to the sky and clitorises shiver with uncontrollable joy. Fingers make their way into all kinds of wet holes and long & thick dicks drill into every wide opened vagina and anus. A succession of extremely hot situations, which ends with a magnificent & extremely erotic lesbian scene.

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Scene4: 00:51:50 - 01:06:01 (14:11)

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