Pick Up Lines 56

Released at: October 1, 2011 by Silverstone Entertainment
South of the Equator, fortunate Mark finds a babe with a pretty face, a great body and a genuine passion for sex. Irene looks and feels especially passionate with Mark's meat reaming her little butthole! Beautiful brunette Sheila gets all hot and bothered by the pool. After Nick fucks her over a water fountain, she feels the hot spray of a facial cum fountain. Short hair, super cute face, blue eyes, bright smile and awesome bod would describe Sandra. Intense anal sex would describe her action with Lex. Debutante Corina manages to maintain her young, innocent look even as her pussy and ass are plugged doggie-style. Mark scores a second slice of South American pie, this time with local Latina Christina. And Brandon samples the tasty pussies of Dee and lovely newcomer Lacey. They double up on his dick, till he feeds their faces with a big, health, thirst-quenching load.

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Nick, Shelia

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