Planet Of The Gapes - Episode 2

Released at: July 14, 2013 by Evolution Erotica
This sex-fest takes you on a journey to the center of the butt. Directed by Jim Byron, 1998 AVN Gonzo Director of the Year, it packs lots of up-close-and-personal tunnel shots. Stryc-9 and Luciano are up first. One of my faves, Stryc-9 (formerly known as Cherri) is quick to jump on Lucianos cock. He begins her banging in the missionary position. From there, she mounts up for a howling reverse cowgirl. This turns in to a reverse cowgirl anal. Doggie anal is next for optimum gaping. Super close-up gapes are ample and freeze framed to boot. Luciano glazes Stryc-9 with cum on her face and mouth. Ursula Moore is a big Hungarian girl. Black hair, nice face, tan and a nice body. After the photo shoot, Ursula gets to sucking. Blowjob leads to a 69, then to missionary sex. Ursula quickly hops up for a reverse cowgirl anal. When getting ass fucked in missionary posish, Ursula looks like she is in a trance. Gapes are few and brief with this one. Cumshot is to Ursula's Hungary mouth. Get it? She is from Hungary. Jewel Valmont is one fine fucking piece of ass. The box cover doesn't do her justice. Beautiful eyes and giggly cute. Very nice blowjob includes ball sucking. 69 is performed before Jewel rides Tom cowgirl style. He lays her down for a missionary pussy pushing and anals her in the doggie position. Plenty of gapes here you would think would lead to a cum shot, but nope. Tommy lies her back down in missionary for more deep plunging, more gapes and tons of liquid gooey stuff oozing from her asshole. Several blasts of cum go pretty much all in her mouth. Sabrina Johnson and Luciano are up next. Sabrina licks his asshole. She then sucks cock, takes it in her pussy in missionary and hops on cowgirl style. Her gaping anal is pulled off first in reverse cowgirl, then in mish posish. Thick cumshot is to her face and mouth. The very lovely Jessica Darlin blesses our screen next. She is soo hot. Her tasty photo shoot is followed by another photo shoot with Iroc. She and Jessica play with each other's feet. Lucky for us, this leads to Iroc soon munching Jessica's asshole. They fuck each other with a double-headed dildo briefly then get to sucking Tom's dick. The action soon leads to 69ing and Jessica goin' cowgirl while Iroc does pussy to mouth BJ. Iroc goes reverse cowgirl while Jessica holds and kisses her and flicks Irocs clit. Iroc pulls ass to mouth duty when Jessica takes the first butt fucking. Shortly after, Iroc is ass fucked and Jessica ass to mouths, then Jessica is being butt plugged again. Tom lines them up for tag team rectal ramming. Huge blasts of cum are applied to the faces of both.

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