Ponytails, Pigtails and Passion 2

Released at: July 19, 2011 by On The Mark Productions
The ponytails and pigtails are back in this hot collection of girls who like playing with themselves and each other! Just like the first edition, this movie features women who love wearing their hair in the cute style, and who also like playing with themselves, playing with each other and putting their tongues exactly where they belong. They sport the look, but they also have the expertise to keep you wanting more. Sexy Ariel shows off her own personal style, and a taste for the sweeter things in solo play. Sonia and Angelica are a perfect match, and prove it! Darina, Norma and Adriana are all hot women who have more than hairstyles going for them and really love each other's company. You'll love this collection of women and the passion that drives them!

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