Rachel Steele Classics Volume 15

Released at: December 1, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Rachel Shows Shane How to Jerk Off Rachel is pissed off because Shane has been jacking off in his bed and leaving huge loads of cum all over the sheets. Rachel has to wash them every day. She calls him into the room and shows him what she has to put up with. He tells her he cannot help it and does not know how to cum without it getting all over the place. Rachel has had it with him, so she orders him to take off his clothes, put them on the chair and lie down. She is going to make him cum a huge load and show him what to do with his cum so it is not on her sheets. His cock is erect, he cannot believe this hot MILF is about to touch it. She pulls her nightgown down to show him her tits; she wants him to cum hard. After she smothers him a bit with her tits, she sucks his cock and slowly strokes it, teasing the head with her tongue and red polished nails. She does this very slowly because she knows how fast she could make him cum. She feels him shaking and tells him to go ahead and cum so she can show him what to do with it. She makes him tell her when he is ready. He tells her and cums, she directs his shooting cock to her big breasts and catches some in her hand, she wipes the cum onto her tits and shows it to him. Rachel tells him from now on when he wants to jack off he will call her to his room and cum on her, not the sheets. Scene 2 - Massage Gets Very Sexy Rachel has a student from the local massage therapy school come to her house. He is very new and is still not sure about professional ethics. Rachel is almost asleep while he massages her arms, neck and shoulders. He moves up to her head and turns it towards him. Rachel feels something warm in her mouth and opens her eyes to see his hard cock. She is happily surprised because she is a very horny lady and he is a young in-shape cutie. She welcomes his cock into her hot mouth, quickly devouring all of it. She slowly sucks and licks it. Rachel tells him to lay on the table with her; it is his turn for a massage. She gets in between his legs and sucks his hard young cock. He moves her hair so he can watch her experienced moves. She shows him she can take all of him many times. Rachel feels him swelling up with cum and tells him to give her a tip this time; he shoots his cum all over Rachel's face. Rachel asks him if she has to pay for it this time, he laughs and says, no ma'am. Scene 3 - Rachel Teaches Monika to Suck Cock One evening, Rachel was reading the paper relaxing when she overheard Monika fighting with her boyfriend. Monika ran in, upset because Blake was complaining she could not give head or a hand job worth a hoot. Blake sauntered in with an attitude and told Rachel she should have taught her how to please a guy. Rachel told him to pull his pants down to see who had the problem. Rachel started stroking his cock and got him hard. Monika took over while Rachel played with the head. He was ready to cum, and it had only been two minutes. Rachel was not going to let that happen, she told Monika to stop and take her bra off to tease him. Rachel took her top off too. Monika began sucking his cock while Rachel watched her technique. Rachel did not see anything wrong with how she was doing it. They teased and taunted him by stopping and giving him a lecture about how to treat a lady. Rachel and Monika both jerked him together while Rachel flicked her tongue around his dick. He began to moan, he knew he was losing and was going to cum. Rachel told Monika to jerk it out of him, and he came into both their hands. Rachel sent them back to the bedroom to make up. Scene 4 - Monika Sucks Cock While He's on the Phone Rachel's job at the bank requires her to travel a lot. She misses her husband and feels guilty about being away. She arrived at her hotel and called home. Her husband answered and assured her everything was fine. Rachel was just as sexually frustrated as her husband, the sound of his voice made her horny. She told him she was masturbating. He told her he was horny as well. What Rachel did not know was that he had his young lover Monika between his legs sucking his cock the entire phone conversation! He played with her little titties and took hold of her ponytail while she took his entire dick in her young little mouth. She pleased him whenever Rachel was away. Monika was giggling quietly as she sucked his cock while he talked to his wife. When he was ready to cum, he told Rachel he had another call and that he missed her and loved her. He hung up and stood over Monika, shooting three loads all over her. She moaned and smiled at him knowing what a good little girl she had been. She never said a word the entire time. Scene 5 - Go Jerk Off My Husband Rachel's daughters are out of line again. Rachel's new husband runs a strict household with consequences for poor choices. The principal called Rachel to let her know of their poor attendance record. Rachel confronted them and they denied it, however, Rachel found out that two boys also skipped school the same day. Rachel put two and two together and knew they were up to no good. Punishment in her household is serious. The girls know that but continue to misbehave. The punishment for skipping school with boys is to jerk off their stepfather while Rachel watches and makes sure they do a good job. Rachel ordered them in the bedroom and told them to jerk off her husband. The girls did it with a poor attitude. Rachel had to tell them to stop frowning and smile while they jerked him. She told them to shut up as well because they kept talking back. She told them they could not do their homework until he was pleased. Rachel made them kiss his cock and lick it, then continue to jerk him together until he came. When he was ready to cum, he asked whose turn it was to take the load. Rachel ordered them both to put their little tits up to his cock and take his load. Rachel then told them to go do their homework. Scene 6 - Orgy with MILFs Karinne had recently broken up with her boyfriend so Ember offered to let her join in with her and Brendan. Rachel and Sabrina come back from shopping to find the girls sucking Brendan's cock. The three were so busy sucking and licking that they did not hear the front door open or their voices. The MILFs were initially angry, more because the girls had not finished their chores than the fact that they were having sex. Both mothers were divorcees and swingers. Although she did not admit it, this was not the first time she had seen Brendan's hard cock. Rachel announced that they were going to join in, dropped to her knees and grabbed Brendan's cock and started deep-throating him. She sits up so Karinne can play with her tits and then Rachel tells her to show her what she has got. Karinne takes Brendan's cock in her mouth but can only get about half of it in her mouth. Meanwhile Ember is getting a good tit sucking from Brendan. Sabrina has watched long enough and is ready to get in on the action. She scoots over and starts sucking on his cock. Rachel wants to suck on something but Sabrina is still busy so she spreads Karinne's legs and eats out her pussy. Ember does not want to be left out so she scoots up so Brendan can lick her clit and bury a finger in her wet pussy. She has an orgasm almost immediately. Once Rachel stops sucking Karinne's pussy, Karinne leans over and starts slobbering on Brendan's cock again. Brendan has all he can take. He stands up and jerks his cock, shooting his load on Rachel's face and then the rest of the group. Scene 7 - No Masturbating Without Rachel Shawn convinced Lola to fool around a bit before Rachel got home. Lola was a bit reluctant but so horny she gave right in. But Rachel came home early and caught them at it right on the dinner table. Shawn jumped up, pulling his trousers together, and Lola pulled her top up. Rachel was furious and sat them down, Shawn on the chair, Lola on the table. She made Shawn pull his pants off, and h

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