Real Amature Teens In Miami Vol. 6

Released at: November 21, 2011 by New Porn Order - NPO
New Porn Order presents "Real Amature Teens In Miami 6", starring Trinity and Autumn Sky. These two teens are hot to trot so we brought them into our studio. Trinity was just sitting in the park when we found her. Apparently her boyfriend left her hanging out to dry with nowhere to go. We got her to agree to do some porn for some extra cash so she could get home. Trinity did a good job on her first day of porn making! Autumn Sky was brought in and when she got the studio she was informed of her alleged "bad reputation" for sucking cock. Autumn wanted to redeem herself so I let her suck my cock and boy were they ever wrong! Autumn sucked me so good and when I came in her mouth she swallowed every drop! She wasn't done yet, though, she wanted to get off so she began riding my cock. Unfortunately, my boner had gone down so poor Autumn probably had to go home and get herself off.

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Autumn Sky