Real Sex Magazine 43

Released at: May 14, 2006 by Exquisite
18 year-old Amber Sunset makes her 1 adult video appearance here and it's quite an event. She has golden, curly hair, big-rimmed glasses and a mouth full of braces. She looks just like a high school nerd, but proves to be a little sexual demon when the camera starts rolling. Those of you who remember Teri Starr from Real Sex Magazine 6 will enjoy seeing her sister, Brittaney Starr, doing an incredible double penetration for her 1st scene ever. She finished the scene around 3:00pm and drove out to Malibu Beach, where she married the guy who did the anal part! No kidding! We have been fortunate recently to find some truly pretty girls with huge, real knockers, who don't mind letting them fly every which-way as they get the holy-hell fucked out of them. This latest gal is Barbie, a California beauty that likes it rough and takes it that way willfully from TT Boy! 18 year-old Kyla has an awesome body and a great ass. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend and won't do guys on camera. Fortunately she will masturbate to orgasm and does so here for our viewing pleasure. She uses a silver vibrator that she especially likes and cums quietly but sensuously!

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Barbie, TT Boy

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