Rudely Interupted & A Bad Vacation

Released at: November 20, 2008 by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Two different storylines help to make sure that every bad girl gets her good spanking. Julie plans a trip to Mexico for herself and Courtney. In an effort to economize, Julie books a vacation from hell. Once the two return, Courtney takes every awful memory out on poor, well-meaning Julie's behind. Julie Simone is a great spankee. She's got a shapely, generous behind and a gorgeous face with the most irresistible, pleading eyes we've ever seen. Courtney gets hers when she and Julie try to share the morning paper. Julie is naturally of a more serious disposition, so she just can't appreciate Courtney's constant comments on the comics. Pushed to the end of her limits, Julie takes **Courtney over her knee**. Courtney is soundly spanked over her jeans, then without them, then on her bare behind!!!

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