Saddle Sore

Released at: July 2, 2008 by Smart Films
Claudia, a spoilt brat, shows up for her riding lesson at the Dressage School, demanding her favourite horse Buster, but he is not there. Miss Hampshire, the Riding Mistress, is furious with her, having just returned from the vet, where the horse is recovering from Claudia's last ride. She demands to know what she had done to injure it and threatens to sue her father for the vet's bill and damages, unless Claudia accepts her own brand of discipline. Claudia reluctantly agrees, knowing that her allowance would otherwise be stopped. First, she spanks her over some hay bales. Then, she drags her around on a rein, making her do humiliating exercises. She bends her over a fence for more spanking and cropping and leads her back to the stables with jodhpurs still down round her knees. She makes her polish a saddle and when not satisfied with the result, gives her a good dose of the strap on the bare bottom, followed by a cropping with a vicious looking dressage whip, dispatching the girl home in tears. Later that day, Claudia's father arrives with Claudia in tow, demanding to see Miss Hampshire, (Claudia has not told her father the truth about the horse). Sir Robert threatens to sue her for punishing his daughter, unless she agrees to exactly the same treatment. This is duly erformed with Claudia gleefully looking on. Miss Hampshire tries to explain what his daughter has done, but he's not listening. She is vigorously spanked, strapped and whipped on the bare bottom with riding and dressage crops, but he's not finished yet. He has also brought along his cane, and she gets a good 24 strokes. Then the phone rings; it's the vet. The truth about what really happened to the horse is revealed. Sir Robert, realising that his daughter has lied to him, is very angry with her. He threatens to stop her allowance, but she pleads with him. He decides to cane her instead. Claudia receives another 18 strokes from him, on top of her already sore bottom created by Miss Hampshire.

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