Sancho Models Vol. 2

Released at: March 25, 2013 by Sancho Productions
Scene 1: Erin Taylor Erin makes me think of that wholesome girl next door, but looks can be deceiving. This little angel is a naughty vixen. Her all natural form makes her look pure and innocent. That kind of thing gets my motor running in a hurry. She came to me looking for work because she just started modeling nude not too long ago. I quickly set her up a shoot because I wanted to see that cute butt nude as soon as possible. He clean shaven pussy could make any man's mouth water. This girl is by all means sexy and will have you wrapped around her finger in no time. Scene 2: Candiee Pop Candiee is every man's dream. She has the looks of a college girl, but is an undercover freak. Her braces make her even sexier because it give off an innocent vibe. Lucky for us Candiee is quite the opposite. As soon as she walked in the door she was licking and sucking a cock shaped candy. In no time at all she was in her birthday suite showing off her all natural body. Ass and pussy are as tight as they get. The sweet as Candiee. Scene 3: Linda Linda is my mystery girl who may be shy, but she has the body of an angel. Her tits are round and perky and her ass is perfection. She was nervous about doing an adult shoot so I told her she could keep her sunglasses on. I didn't mind as long as I could see her hairless pussy and ass. Her pouty lips alone turn me on, but when she exposed that perfect body I was in heaven. Scene 4: Lola Lola belongs in porn! She is a Russian exchange student doing modeling on the side to help pay for college. She has the looks of a Goddess and an accent that will make you cream your pants. I met her at a coffee shop in San Diego and just my luck she said she liked to model. She was quick to offer nude pictures, but I was able to convince her that putting a toy up her ass would get her more fans. She was more than willing and that how we like our girls! Scene 5: Candiee Pop & Daryl Candiee is back to please us once again, but this time she will be sucking more than just candy. She was ready and willing when I sent out one of my boys. He said her tiny little twat tasted sweet and she sucked cock like a pro. It's great to see a girl who truly enjoys being in front of the camera because there is nothing shy about this one.

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