Sent Down Part - 1

Released at: September 4, 2008 by Bars & Stripes
Emma's Intake, featuring Emma Brown Leia's Intake, featuring Leia-Ann Woods Hannah's Intake, featuring Hannah Martin BONUS: See It In Her Face, Leia-Ann Woods **Summary: "Emma's Intake"** features a very scared Emma Brown entering prison for the first time. Her innocence does not wash with the guards or the matron and she is spanked for her troubles. To make matters worse she is then stripped down to her bra and searched by Matron. Her bottom sore and now in prison uniform, she is escorted to the sickbay for her medical... **"Leia's Intake"** features the entry of the infamous Mrs Woods into prison. The guards need no introduction where this one is concerned! Leia is caned before Matron gleefully removes her glamorous outfit. She is then given further punishment by the guard while matron holds her down. Leia is spanked, paddled and caned before going with Matron for her medical... **"Hannah's Intake"** features Hannah Martin's introduction to prison life. Both guard and Matron don't like her attitude and she is given a good spanking and strapping before her strip and search. Matron believes this one to be trouble and wastes not time in taking her to sickbay for a medical. **Bonus: See It In Her Face, Lola**

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