Shared With Strangers

Released at: January 16, 2011 by VCX
Joi-DeVive! The joy of life and living. When the French coined the term, it could have been this newlywed couple they were talking about. Discover what happens when the two young newlyweds embark on a versatile sexcapade into the free swinging lifestyles of another couple, who prefer their sex Shared with Strangers. Watch as this young couple find a new meaning in the term breakfast in bed. They start out their honeymoon with Ann, a gourmet cook, fixing up a special breakfast for hubby John. He finishes every bite and is left begging for more. Before we know it, this scandalous couple find themselves embellished in a circle of friends that introduce them to so many forbidden pleasures. John is faced with how to get Ann interested in these outrageous activates. Well, as soon as John's newlywed bride gets a taste of things to come, she lets him know that they will be eating out a lot more often.

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