Skin Flicks

Released at: July 30, 2008 by Gourmet Video
During the late 1970's, director Gerard Damiano was with a doubt at the top of the adult film industry every film he shot during the era was a subtle masterpiece of erotic entertainment. Damiano focused on character in his films, crafting believable scenarios and situations for them to explore. The result was a style of sex vid that hasn't been seen since, psychologically driven yet intensely sexual. This 1978 opus focuses on the making of a porn flick, but it doesn't take the standard casting couch approach to the subject. Instead, Damiano focuses on the seedier side of the business, letting the camera capture the backstage machinations between an ambiguous actor and his sleazy strip club woning financier. Things really take a turn for the dramatic when youthful porn starlet Colleen Davis gets taken by twisted stalker Jamie Gillis. Jamie's character has convinced himself that Colleen wants him as much as he wants her. So he takes her and subjects her to this every wanton whim. In the end the question lingers, who's really taking advantage of Colleen, her director or her assailant? You'll be surprised by the shocking answer. Well written and beautifully shot, Skin Flicks is without question one of the classics of plot driven 70's porn!

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