Sl33py Head

Released at: February 8, 2014 by Video X Pix
**Recommended for Rental** A woman's subconscious sexual desires are released in this seething film starring Georgina Spelvin. Georgina stars with the top porn star, Tina Russel, as two sisters, one breaking free of a parochial upbringing, the other, on the threshold of a terrifying, yet revealing sexual experience. Georgina, freed of her inhibitions by the attention of many friends, is in fear of the upcoming visit of her prudish sister. With the help of her sex partners, she develops a plan to release her sister of her inhibitions. This scene of sexual fulfillment is a torrid orgy unmatched by anything you've seen before! This movie combines some of the most erotic sex scenes ever produced, with the deepest sexual fantasies. The combined performance of Georgina Spelvin and Tina Russel is not to be missed!

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