SOAP-50: Andi Katz vs. Hannah Jannssen and Rubye Reilly

Released at: April 4, 2012 by Academy Wrestling
The Soap Series presents an exciting new take on feminine wrestling, leg submissions and strap-ons that will leave you screaming for more! This is 100% all amateur, all real wrestling featuring highly competitive, fit and toned women! This was one of Hannah's final matches at the Academy and you will see exactly why! Blonde bombshell Hannah has advantages in height, weight, strength, and experience over Jewish-American Princess Andi and these two really go all out for three rapid intense submissions before Hannah has had enough. Flushed with power and pride, Andi accepts Rubye Reilly's offer to step in for Hannah and the next 30 minutes are a whirl of pure power and technique as Rubye is at the top of her game and Andi is on a roll. A victor emerges and full payment is received from the losing wrestler - cock sucking and hard, multi-position fucking. 50 minutes of beautiful women fighting and fucking. Hannah getting tapped and humiliated, Andi, a coming of age as a wrestler. Rubye demonstrating just how superb a talent she has become.

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