Spread Eagle

Released at: August 19, 2011 by Vivid Premium
Having barely survived a robbery gone wrong that leaves his fianc dead, Tommy miraculously discovers that he has acquired the powers of an eagle. With his extraordinary new faculties of sight and flight, Tommy vows to clean up the crime ridden city that took his love - first targeting Big Lee, the gangster who holds the city under his crooked thumb. Upon discovering a young girl whose sister has been forced into prostitution by Lee and his thugs, Tommy sets out to set things right... Both for the poor girl's family, and for the love he was deprived of.

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Scene1: 00:00:57 - 00:29:29 (28:32)


Asa Akira

Scene2: 00:29:31 - 01:02:22 (32:51)


Lexi Belle

Scene3: 01:02:24 - 01:34:13 (31:49)


Tanya Tate

Scene4: 01:34:18 - 02:01:48 (27:30)

Scene5: 02:01:50 - 02:25:37 (23:47)