Story Of Prunella

Released at: November 15, 2008 by 9th Avenue Exploitation
**9th Avenue Exploitation** presents an original New York Avon Theater production - remastered and presented for the first time since 1982. Three convicts escape from a prison and have a "run-in" with Prunella and her mother on the way to Prunella's wedding shower. Unluckily for the two ladies - Prunella's mom just-so-happens to be the prison warden's wife - and the convicts are out for some vengeance. This classic film from the early eighties features a young **Ron Jeremy** in two hardcore scenes with two beautiful co-stars Ambrosia Fox and Dixie Dew.

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Scene1: 00:03:00 - 00:13:24 (10:24)

Scene2: 00:13:24 - 00:24:26 (11:02)


Ron Jeremy

Scene3: 00:24:26 - 00:32:30 (8:04)

Scene4: 00:32:30 - 00:58:50 (26:20)