Straitjacket Peril #5 - The Collection

Released at: May 2, 2006 by Dorothy Laine Productions
Lena Ramon thinks she's having a routine physical done by Dr. Laine, until she's compelled into a strait jacket and told that she's going to be held for a few days "under observation". Lena is led from room to room in this strange institution, seeing more and more ladies bound in straitjackets and strung up in their cages. She encounters Jewell Marceau, ball gagged and bound in a rubber straitjacket, locked in a cage. Once Lena is placed in her own cage, she also sees Karina Ballerina, suspended en pointe and encased in a black canvas straitjacket. Aye Provide is also in a black canvas straitjacket and bound to an X cross, ball gagged and unable to escape. Lena struggles in her bondage; slowly realizing she has become a part of Dorothy's strange collection. Some time later a new arrival, Molly winters, comes to the office for an exam, she too ends up compelled into a straitjacket and left to struggle alone. Will she also become a member of the collection?

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