Taboo Tales Volume 12

Released at: May 28, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Suck it or I tell Dad Rachel and her sister Arianna liked to go out to the clubs when their husbands were out of town. They had to be prissy wives all the time so they needed a release from their mundane lives. They would dress in the sluttiest clothes and go to nasty bars. Rachel was dancing on the tables at a sleazy bar. Her son's buddy was there and saw her and Arianna showing off their asses. He called Phillip and told him. Phillip waited up for them to get home. When they stumbled in the door, Rachel was surprised to see him on the couch. He asked her why she was dressed like a whore. She covered her face. Arianna told him it was none of his concern. Phillip was pissed at his mom's actions and told her they both had to blow him or he would tell his dad. Rachel could not let that happen. They stripped him and started stroking his cock. Rachel could not believe her son was actually making them do it. Rachel sucked him, and then Aunt Arianna did. They took turns jerking him. Rachel pulled her tits out to try to get him off quicker. Arianna did the same. Finally Phillip was ready to cum. Rachel told him to cum in her mouth and on her face if he promised not to tell. He blew his load all over her while Arianna jerked him. When he finished they grabbed his sensitive cock and jerked it hard and fast until he was in pain. Aunt Arianna told him; let that be a lesson for you! Scene 2 - Oh My God, It is My Mom! Steven called an escort agency for two 40 something, busty MILFs. The door bell rang and when he opened it, his mom and another woman where there. He and Rachel both turned red. They quickly went inside. Rachel explained to him she needed the money to pay for his car, college, rent etc. He was shocked but he understood. Rachel told Arianna to take her son in the bedroom and get it over with. Rachel could not have sex with her son. Arianna loved how hot he was and had no problem sexing up this young stud. She stripped him down and put him on the bed. The door was open. Rachel sat on the couch, head in her hands. Arianna began stroking his cock; she took her panties off to let him feel her wet pussy. Arianna yelled out to Rachel that her son was playing with her pussy. Rachel told her she did not want the details and to hurry up. The sounds coming from the bedroom made Rachel horny. She had a sex addiction and used the excuse to escort to be able to fulfill her sexual appetite. She snuck a peek and walked in. The sight of her son's cock being sucked really excited her. She lost sight that this was her son and joined in. Rachel confessed her problem to him and began sucking her son's cock. They both jerked him and licked it together. They pulled out their tits and spread their legs letting him finger them both. All 3 of them masturbated for a few minutes. Then Rachel sucked him off furiously while Arianna fed his cock to Rachel. Rachel sucked her son's cum out of his cock and swallowed his sweet load. She then realized she had a serious problem, because she just did that with her own son. Rachel got over it, and went back out that night for more. Scene 3 - Convincing Crista Crista overheard her son talking to Rachel's son on the phone. He was talking about how Rachel fucks her son and lets him cum all over her all the time. Chris admitted he thought of his mom that way too. Crista was shocked and called Rachel. Rachel came over. Crista told her what she heard. Rachel reluctantly told her it was true and it was the best sex she has had. Crista called her son in the room. Rachel stood up to greet him. She surprised Crista by giving Chris a sexy kiss on the lips. They both looked at Crista, Rachel smiling ear to ear. Rachel felt Chris's cock through his pants and it was hard. She told Crista she should give her son a chance. He begged her and told her he wanted what Rachel and Jacob did. They convinced her to go into the bedroom. They started out by slowly feeling Crista's tits. She began to relax but she kept her eyes closed a lot. She felt aroused but guilty at the same time. Chris took of his clothes and pulled his mom's tits to his mouth. She laid back and with her arms stiff at her sides she let him suck her tits. Rachel moaned with pleasure. She took off her shirt and Chris sucked Rachel's tits. They all entwined in a small orgy. Chris fingering Rachel's pussy, Rachel jerking him off from behind as her played with his mom's pussy. Rachel sucked his hard cock, and then told Crista to do it. She moved to him very slow, closed her eyes and took him in her mouth. Crista had her son's cock in her mouth and she liked it. Rachel knew this was just step one for them. So they took turns sucking and playing with each other. They wanted to get her warmed up for what was to come next. Watching her suck her son for the first time was so hot! Scene 4 Crista was convinced by Rachel to give her son a try. Rachel told her it was the best sex she would ever have. Crista was very reluctant. She was so turned on but felt strange because it was her son's cock. After they warmed her up, Rachel wanted to take it to a higher level. He fingered his mom's pussy and felt how wet she was. Rachel pushed him on top of her and he slid his cock deep inside his mother. Crista threw her head back and screamed out. Rachel masturbated next to them coaching Chris to fuck his mom hard and make her cum. Crista kept her eyes closed and came hard. Rachel smiled at her and stroked her forehead wiping the sweat off. Now it was time for him to cum. Rachel and Crista worked his cock together. Rachel told Crista how he would make her cum as many times a day as she desired. Crista watched Rachel's techniques then practiced on him. Chris wanted to cum for his mom. Rachel and Crista jerked him off hard onto Crista's tits. Chris thanked Rachel for bringing him closer to his mom than he ever dreamed. Crista was happy as well. Rachel and Chris kissed, and then he turned to his mom and kissed her like he always wanted to.

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