Taboo Tales Volume 48

Released at: July 7, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Moral Crusader Rachel is the community moral crusader. She has a regular spot on the local TV station. Her son Brent is watching TV when her show comes on. He smirks as he watches it, knowing what his mother is really like. She appears very serious about her message. She is dressed conservatively with her hair up and with thick glasses and a white blouse buttoned all the way to the top. She is looking into the camera and talking with concern about society's ever-falling moral standards. The young man turns off the as his mother comes home. The young man turns to her and says, hi Mom. She comes in and sits on the couch and asks him about his day. She asks him if he saw her broadcast and he said he did. It was right on the money. He gets up and gets her a drink. Without a further ado, they start making out like it is the most natural thing in the world. Rachel's do-gooding is just an act and she has actually having an affair with her own son. She climbs onto his lap and pulls down her top and lets him suck her tits. They continue to talk about her broadcast as she unbuttons his pants and pulls out his huge cock. She climbs between his knees and starts sucking his cock. Brent leans his head back and sighs with pleasure. She jokes that she would be fired in a second if the station knew she was having a relationship with her son. She kneels on the couch so her son can finger her pussy while he sucks on her tits. She continues to stroke his big cock as he nurses on her tits. She sits on the edge of the coffee table and has him stand in front of her so she has comfortable access to his cock. She continues to suck and jerk him. She strips off the remainder of his clothes and continues to suck him. She tells him she is ready for a good hard fuck. She strips down to her garter belt and kneels on the couch with her ass facing him. He jams his big cock in her pussy from behind and drills her good. He sits on the couch and she sits on his cock and bounces up and down. He plays with her tits from behind as she rides his cock. They change position with her on her back and him between her legs. She takes a break from fucking to suck his cock some more. She cannot get enough of it. She lies down on her stomach and he bangs her from behind again. She flips over so she can see his face as she fucks him. She cums again. He moves her over to the other side of the room and bends her over a chair. He fucks her hard from behind, her huge tits swinging free. He puts her on the back of the chair and fucks her until he is ready to explode. He pushes her down to the floor and makes her lick his balls until he is ready to explode. He shoots his cum all over her face. She takes him in her mouth again and continues to suck. She spits the remainder of his cum on her tits. She says, moral crusader, and laughs. Scene 2 - In Love With My Mother Rachel was a free and opened minded woman. She and her son John moved away to a remote place to get away from the harsh city life. Rachel was a model and made plenty of money so they could enjoy free time together and lots of it. As the years went by and John grew to a mature man he began to notice a strong sexual desire for Rachel. She noticed his looks and saw him jerking off to pictures of her a few times. Rachel felt bad that he had no release; there were not any girls his age within miles. She planned a way to solve this. Rachel went away on a shoot in the city, when she returned she knew John was at work. She purposely left a few sexy nudes of herself in her overnight bag for him to find. Rachel left a note asking him to unpack her bag. John pulled out a few articles of sexy clothing and got a hard on. He saw 2 photos folded up and opened them up. It was Rachel posed nude. She had never looked so beautiful to him. This was it, he knew how he felt, and he was in love with her. Rachel waited outside until she knew he discovered the pictures and was jerking off. She snuck in and walked in on him. Rachel saw the pictures in his hand and his cock in the other. She smiled lovingly at him and told him she knew what he wanted and needed. John was embarrassed at first but her eyes mesmerized him and he just admitted it. Rachel slowly took off her tight white tank top exposing her huge inviting bosoms. She pushed him gently on his back and began kissing his mouth. He returned his affection and he slid his tongue in between her parted lips. John reached down under her skirt and Rachel told him he could do anything he wanted with her. He slid under her panties and in between her pussy lips, it was soaking wet! Rachel moaned and kissed him harder. Her body was quivering as this was forbidden and it felt so right. Rachel came quickly and now it was John's turn. She sat up and took his erect cock into her hot mouth making sweet loving sounds each time she took him in. He rolled his eyes back and watched her. She asked him to cum for her. John mounted his mother's chest and slid his cock into her mouth and then between her tits, finally cumming hard in her open waiting mouth. Rachel looked him in the eyes as he filled her up. She let his cum drip out for him to see. They sat up and he kissed her on the forehead. The truth will set you free!!!

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