Taboo Tales Volume 7

Released at: September 24, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Desperate Housewife Rachel was frustrated and horny. She confided in her friend, Lacey. Lacey had a surprise for Rachel. She had a man tied to a chair naked for Rachel to play with. He was not allowed to speak. Rachel oiled up his cock and began stroking him. Lacey joined in. The two women teased him by lifting their skirts and sucking on each other's tits. They jerked and sucked him until he was ready to blow. Rachel jerked his sensitive head until she got the load she wanted. Scene 2 - Bubble Bath Beat Off Rachel and Arianna had lost the hot water in the house. Rachel called a plumber. He told them it was going to be expensive to replace. Rachel asked if there was a way other than cash to pay him. He looked at both of them in their robes and reached over to expose Arianna's tits. The girls knew what to do. They dropped the robes and invited him into the bath. His cock was hard. They jerked him together. Rachel sucked his cock while he sucked Arianna's tits. Both of them took turns licking each other's pussies to really turn him on. He sat back as they finished him off. Rachel told him that now they were even. That was easier than writing a big check! Scene 3 - Wife Sharing Rachel's husband Mike and his best buddy Brian had a few beers. Mike was bragging how wild Rachel was. Brian had been without for a while, so Mike offered his wife to him. Rachel worked as a bartender at a strip club. She came home and was exhausted. She told Mike how the men were and driving her crazy. Mike told her to go take a long bath and he would relax her. Brian was waiting in the wings. Rachel put on a sexy outfit and waited for him. She began sucking his cock. He has a grin and she was suspicious. Mike motioned Brian to come in and touch Rachel's pussy. Rachel spun around in shock. Mike told Rachel to show him a good time. Rachel was horny and reluctantly agreed. Brian stripped, and Rachel began sucking his cock. Mike fucked her from behind. Rachel flipped over on her back, and Mike fucked her while she blew Brian. Rachel was finally relaxed. Mike had more in store for her. Scene 4 - Wife Sharing Rachel continued to fuck her husband and blow his buddy. Mike surprised Rachel and spun her around so Brian could fuck her while she was blowing her husband. Brian fucked her hard until she came. Mike spun her around and fucked her again until she came. Brian shoved his cock in her mouth, and she sucked him until he frosted her face with cum. Mike pulled her down and spread her legs fucking her, then he pulled out and covered her face with a second load! It was a very hot night for Rachel.

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