TBC 2013 Volume 1

Released at: March 19, 2013 by David Mack Video Productions
I pull out a rope to start tying the ultra hot Wenona for the shoot. Once I pull it around her neck, she starts masturbating her sweet shaved pussy. Breath play and multiple masturbation orgasms later, Wenona is ready for our shoot. Pet violet sits on Wenona's face and gets a spirited pie licking, mostly due to the massive Hitachi orgasms violet dishes out. Wenona squirts more times in this one session than I have seen her do in our entire shooting career; smoking hot lesbian orgasm squirting fitness model bondage video. Wenona works over a bound and spread violet with the Hitachi; at times straddling her and making violet lick the toned bondage star's amazing pussy as she pulls orgasm after orgasm out of my elf. Violet is spent and totally drenched in sweat by the time Wenona is done. An intimate and hard play session with the busty switch, shot in their dungeon. This clip features breath play, noose play, intimate BDSM, spanking, choking, whipping, nipple teasing, and a demanding crotchrope predicament. Kali orgasms while bound to a pole, crotchroped tight, and vibrators on her nipples. Busty Domme mummified in bondage tape brought to multiple orgasms mixed in between breath play, breast whipping and harsh treatment that just make her cum harder.

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Wenona, Violet

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