The AX Files - Amy Lewinski Vs. Ariel Bilbao

Released at: March 27, 2012 by Academy Wrestling
AX Files matches feature wrestling action where at least one (typically both) of the contestants wrestle fully nude. Most AX files feature sexual situations and some are quite graphic. Definitely unscripted and completely un-staged, the match becomes an extended lesson in wrestling, and seduction as Amy does to Ariel just about everything she wants. The Academy's #1 all-time redhead Amy gets some fresh meat with up and coming Eurasian Ariel in this one. Ariel suffers through full nelsons with both arms and legs, lotus locks, scissors about her head, neck and breasts, and Amy's signature variety of arm-bars that lead to multiple submissions, and erotic domination including face sitting, kissing breast play and damn near a complete seduction. At 5"4", Ariel is slightly taller and six years younger than Amy, but experience has its say with an overwhelming display of quickness, durability, stamina, flexibility, technique and assertiveness. As always with Amy, the conclusion of the seduction takes place elsewhere but don't doubt for a minute that this one ended in a bed somewhere.

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