The Cheerleaders Of Perilous U.

Released at: October 16, 2007 by ZFX Productions
Two beautiful rivals who will do anything to win. Big blonde Viki has everything a big-breasted rich girl could want except one thing. She wants to be the head of the cheerleading squad, but another cheerleader, a perky brunette named Tiffany looks sure to fill the coveted position. So what what's a poor little rich girl to do? How about hiring Ernie, a psycho perv nerd with the hots for sweet Tiffany, to bind, gag and spirit her away from her own bedroom, then hold her at Viki's father's abandoned factory until the tryouts are over. But that's not the least of what Viki has planned for Tiffany's squirming body, her twisted plans carried out with frightening precision by Ernie who acts as her eager submissive puppet.

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